Monday, October 31, 2011


{ the mess that occurred while attempting to put on Claire's costume }

Being that it was Claire's first Halloween, I got the bright idea to make her costume. I thought it was a bright idea until I attempted to put on her costume and it wouldn't fit! I could not believe it! All that effort and it didn't fit!! Poor Claire was a mess. I was determined to make it fit and Claire thought I was trying to suffocate her. Well after a few attempts and many tears from Claire, I gave up trying to make it fit the traditional way. So I had to cut all along the side and then safety pin her in. It was a disaster but it all worked out. Luckily Claire recovered from the whole ordeal and finally cracked a few smiles. Hopefully she will trust me enough next year to put her in another costume.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


{Giving me her teething face}

{ showing off her two teeth that took forever to come in}
{loves from her uncle chase}

So for Claire's first fall we actually went to the pumpkin patch twice. The first time we got there a little late and it was basically dark. Soooo being as addicted with taking pictures as I am, I insisted we make another trip to get some good pictures. And even then it was hard. Claire has been teething BIG time and it seems impossible to get a picture where she is smiling and looking at me. Bah! You wouldn't believe the things I do to try and get this girl to smile for the camera these days. People must think I look and sound crazy. Oh well, thats life. And its only just the beginning.


{From this}
{To this}

So when we moved from California (16 months ago!) our table, among other things, got all kinds of scrapes and scratches. However, I was in no mood to refinish it. Not only was I pregnant with zero energy, we had zero space for me to work on it. So now that I am not pregnant (lets hope it stays that way for a while) and now that we have sufficient space, I decided to finally refinish it. It wasn't nearly as much of a hassle as I expected. Now onto the next piece of damaged furniture!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This weekend I threw a Baby shower for my best friend, Oakley. Her little Scarlett is Due December 10th, and I couldn’t be more excited for her. Not only does she get a little girl but, Claire gets a best friend. With the help of my dear friends Ashley and Christiana, it all came together and it was just perfect. All the effort and love that went into it was more than worth it. I couldn’t ask for a more loyal and loving best friend and I just know she is going to make an amazing mom. Oak I love you!