Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A year ago on April first/ April fools, Brian and I went on our first date. Looks like the joke was on us. And yup you heard it right. We have only been together twelve whole months and we have been married for six and a half of those months. We always laugh about it because we thought only crazy people did what we did. So maybe that makes us a little crazy. Just so you can understand how it worked I will give you a time frame of how this whole love thing went down. We went on our first date April 1st. We had our first kiss two weeks later. One week later we were bf and gf. Then on May 17th, after a road trip to CA, which involved meeting the parents, we said the L word. For some reason right after we said I love you, it just seemed natural to pick a wedding date. Haha thats normal right? So on May 18th (the next day) we decided on September 26th which later became September 12th. And then on May 19th (the next day) we picked out the ring. However because I am very particular and insisted on yellow gold it took five weeks for my ring to arrive. So finally on June 29th Brian popped the question and we were married September 12th, five and a half months from our first date. We moved faster than i ever thought possible, but we have never looked back or doubted once. Everything has just been so easy. We always have had comfort and confidence in choosing one another and we continue to choose each other every day. So here is to one easily amazing year. I can't wait to see what the others have in store.
Love, Lulu

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok so my near and dear friend ashley asked me to post the recipe for my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. It isn't a culinary masterpiece or anything but it is really yummy. I prefer eating the dough but I am a dough person. However they are divine cooked as well. Mr B finally took them to work and the bag of two dozen didn't even make it 3 hours. So here it is.

2 cubes of butter
1 cup of white sugar
1 cup of brown sugar
1 tsp of vanilla
2 eggs
3/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 cups of flower
2 cups of oatmeal
1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips

* Bake at 350 for 10 minutes


OH MY GOSH! Stop it right now martha! And I thought her puffs were the beez neez. These blow those puffs out of the water. However a combination of both the puffs and flowers would be perfect. Now I really have to have a birthday party. Learn how to make these beautimous flowers HERE.


My brother little girl, Daily, makes me laugh so much. She is just such a happy and busy little thing. Yesterday we went to play in the fountains and she loved it. She ran straight into the fountains with no worries. She is so brave! I love spending time with her and watching her grow.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I want these! Man I wish I knew about these when I was registering. How cute are they? I think i want to go return all my dishes just so I can buy these. Ahhh! I just love the shape. These plates define my style. They are simple with a twist. LOVE THEM.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is the next craft on my to do list. It is a very easy and cheap way to add color and decoration to a room. I can't wait to see how they turn out.



Sorry to talk about our wedding again. I promise this will end soon. However I have a favor to ask. We made it as finalists in the knot's real wedding contest and in order to win completely, we need your votes. So I will make it easy for you and provide the link so that all you have to do is click and vote. Oh and if you could give us five hearts that would be great! So please go and vote HERE. Thanks so much my friends.



Target is both the best and worst place on earth. It is the best because I alway find the cutest stuff and because they have everything. It is also the worst because I always want to buy too much. I always have to practice self control when I step into that place. However this weekend I did not practice as much self control as usual. How could I when they had these beautiful anthropologie look alike pillows? Oh and they were on sale! So I gave in and bought them. I was so excited about them because our apartment has been in need of some fun colors. I love them!



Last night I was craving my moms amazing oatmeal cookie dough. So I whipped up myself a batch. It was divine. I wasn't able to eat much, so I thought I would be nice and cook the rest of the dough so Mr B could take them to share at work. However, I woke up this morning to find the bag still sitting on the counter. This means one of three things. Either 1) my cookies are just that great that he doesn't want to share (but Brian is good at sharing), 2) they are just that awful that he doesn't want to subject his co-workers to them, or 3) he forgot to grab them. I am hoping it is either situation one or three.


{ RUGS }

Ok so I need a rug badly. I have been craving one for some time now, but have yet to take the plunge. After all, rugs are REALLY expensive. Especially the ones I want. Now that I have decided to really go through with it, I am having a hard time deciding on which one. So I am posting the finalist, and your opinion would be greatly appreciated.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{ EEEE }

So our amazing wedding photographer, Jonathan Canlas, sent me a message with a link to the knot,showing me a feature they did on our wedding. This time around they chose from images that Jonathan submitted, but they also provided a link to the images I submitted, which means they have noticed my wedding more than once and I may just win that trip to Maui! Eeee I hope we win it! I am all about entering contests these days. Why not? It can't hurt. Although I can't believe I didn't win the HGTV dream home! This is two years in a row. Maybe next year. Anywho, we will find out next week who the finalists are in the knot contest. I will have my fingers crossed.


Oh jeez. How amazing are these? I am obsessed. I have been thinking of ideas/themes for my 25th birthday party, and there has got to be a way to incorporate these into any theme. They are a must! This time around I will start working on decorations earlier. For my valentines party I started the day of! Well, it wouldn't be me if I didn't do it last minute.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Oh goodness isn't this so cute?? I am going to make some and I will let you know how they turn out. I think they would just be so cute for a little girls room. Maybe you could spell out the name on the wall? So cute! Im sure Brian is getting sick of all my crafts. Oh well.


Today Mr B and I have been married 6 months. I really have a hard time believing it has been that long. It all went by way too fast. Part of me wishes I could go back to that day and just take it all in. However, since that isn't possible I think I will pop in our wedding video. Brian has been such an amazing husband. I didn't think guys like him existed, but they do! So for all you single women, go find yourself a Brian.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


At the moment I am a bit frazzled and anxious. Why you ask? Because I have two trips planned in the next few months that both require me to fly, and I HATE HATE HATE flying. Nothing brings me more fear. I have had this problem ever since I was little, but my irrational fear is at an all time high. I feel like I am one plane ride away from never flying again. To give you more of an idea as to how bad it has gotten, let me tell you about my last plane ride. I was on my way back from Florida with my mom, and during take off, while I was focusing on not flipping out, my mom noticed that the guy next to us was holding two unfamiliar devices in his hand. She was starting to get worried because he was acting weird, or so she thought. So she tapped me on the shoulder and told me to try and figure out what the devices were that he was now attaching to the chair in front of him!!! My heart dropped to my rear end, because now I was sure he was a terrorist and he was ready to blow us all to bits. We just about called over a flight attendant when my mom leaned over and asked him what he was doing. All the while I was thinking you can't just ask a terrorist what they are doing! If you do they will just hurry and get it over with! Anyway, it turns out he wasn't a terrorist at all. In fact those little "devices" that he had were used to keep the person in front of him from reclining their chair. And the only reason he was acting weird was because we wouldn't stop looking at him. That was only the beginning of the flight from you know where(I know I am being dramatic). Then later on we hit an abundance of turbulence. Usually I can keep myself from becoming a complete mess with just a few minutes of turbulence, but this time around it didn't want to end. So here we are stuck in these storm clouds, with the never ending turbulence, and I just lost it! I couldn't hold my anxiety in anymore and I began to cry while I, a grown woman, latched onto my moms arm, with my sweaty palms. I began saying ridiculous things such as "I don't want to die", "I'm not ready to die", "I'm too young". Of course I didn't yell this because I knew people would think I was a crazy. Which maybe I am a little, but I didn't want everyone to know it. I am far to Vain. So about an hour later the turbulence gave up, and I felt a little silly to say the least. And wouldn't you know, I survived! However the next flight might be different, and thats how I always think about flying. Isn't it goofy? At least i can admit it and even laugh at myself. So now I have come to the conclusion that I need to be HEAVILY medicated when flying, from here on out. My goal next week is to find a doctor who can write a magical prescription for this silly fear of mine. I just don't want it to keep me from traveling, and more importantly, I don't want to act like a fool in public anymore. Sooo if any of you out there know of a good doctor or also have a fear of flying, and have any suggestions please share! I would love you forever.
~ Lu


Dear thank you notes,
Please stop consuming my every waking moment. Thanks.
Love, Lu

You know, you think when you get married that you want as many gifts as you can get. That is until it is time to write out the thank you notes. However I shouldn't really complain, because we had so many amazingly generous people adore us with gifts. We are so blessed!


Ok, so I used to be completely anti organic food. I just saw it as a silly trend, and an expensive one at that. However, I was forced to watch the documentary Food Inc, and I was never the same. Although I am sure it is exaggerated, there is enough truth in it that I refuse to eat certain non organic foods. So now that I am on this new kick of organic food, I made my first trip to Whole Foods and it was amazing. Not only did they have amazing food, but there were some unbelievable Hippie sightings. I love people watching, and this is a prime location to do so. So if you have yet to watch Food Inc or go to whole foods, I highly recommend it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today I am feeling a little bummed. I have found myself missing Provo! What is wrong with me? No one is supposed to miss Provo. However today I do. I thought this picture was fitting. This was the siblings and I as kiddos on one of our many trips to Utah. I hated the snow then and I hate it now.




I finally finished the coffee table! For whatever reason this has taken me way too long. Now that I don't have this occupying my Patio, I can get started on my other pieces. Oh and silly me forgot to take a decent before picture. So this is it after its first coat of primer. It used to be that ugly color on the inside of the door. So it has come a long way.

Monday, March 1, 2010


So today I had an interview for an internship with the lovely Summer of greylikesweddings, and I got it! Her blog is the cutest and she is the sweetest. I cant wait to work with her.


The girls and I spent Friday at the happiest place on earth. We absolutely loved every moment of it, but were ready to leave come the end of the night. The day was filled with a few hundred laughs, a couple dozen Churros, individual silhouettes, and what seems to be an endless amount of pictures. It was absolutely perfect. Until next time my lovelies.