Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sorry to just be talking about babies these last couple posts but its all that seems to be on my mind these days. About a month ago Mr B and I moved back to the lovely state of Utah for an awesome job opportunity. I never thought I would miss this place but it truly has grown on me and I am so excited to be back. We are finally all settled and as I stair at the empty room that will one day be our little girls nursery, my mind goes wild thinking of all the possibilities. One thing I have settled on are the colors. This is a big step for me considering I don't care much for pink and that can be hard when having a girl. It can be very limiting. Soooo I have decided on CORAL TEAL & GREY. On more thing that I have decided on is that I'm going to refurbish the same crib that my siblings and I all used. It is on its way to Utah first thing in the morning, thanks to my loveliest friend Lauren. I am still undecided on so many other things like bedding, rockers, changing tables, and much more because everything is so dang expensive! I am going to have to come up with some creative and less expensive solutions. However I don't mind putting a little or even a lot of work into this room. It will make it that much more meaning full to me. I am so excited get the creativity flowing. I only have four months to figure it out! This is all happening way too fast, but I'm soo excited!

Love, LU