Saturday, October 2, 2010


So there you have it, two reveals in one. The first being our baby's name and the second being her nursery! Basically from day one, Brian and I were pretty set on the name Claire. We looked through, well I looked through thousands of names and none of them made my heart pitter patter like Claire did. And once we both were referring to her as Claire I knew we were sold. Now as far as the nursery goes, we love it! My vision is complete! Luckily Brian trusts me when it comes to decorating and isn't too opinionated, otherwise this could have taken a lot longer. Though I definitely couldn't have done it without him. He was so helpful. And at times where his help was not required, he was a great support. He always watched me in curiosity as I refinished furniture, transformed picture frames, and decorated. He told me that it blows his mind what I'm capable of. Mainly because his mind works totally different then mine. Though I think I also surprise myself all the time. I love just about everything in this room. I especially love the refinished crib because it was mine. I'm also hoping that by sleeping in the same crib I did, Claire will sleep like I did. My mom always says I was her peace of mind, sleeping through the night at five weeks. So fingers crossed. Oh and remember THIS beauty.. well she has made her way into the nursery but is only about 95% complete so once she's complete you will be made aware. Well I hope you all enjoy the nursery as much as I do. Every day I pass this room, and get so excited to have Claire here with us. I just can't wait!

Love, Lu