Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sweetest little Claire Bear, It is so hard to believe that you have been apart of our lives for six whole months. As much as I love to see how you have changed, it makes me sad to think that you will never be this young again. Sad that you will never be this small again, and that with time you will no longer fit perfectly in my arms. As I rock you to sleep each day, I pause and take in every second of your perfection and ever second of my overwhelming love for you. I try to remember and absorb every little memory of you but am scared to know that chances are I wont remember it all. So I take pictures upon pictures and videos for days. Its the only hope I have, that I wont forget. You have brought the most joy to me and your dad. At days end when we are exhausted and have put you down for bed, we sit there and look at pictures of you. We can't get enough. You are a loud one, and are always letting us know you are there. You are so excited to hear yourself and we can't help but laugh at your little voice. You love to bounce in your bouncy seat and at times I am shocked at how much energy you have. Watching your chubby legs jump in excitement are the highlight of my day. You are almost always smiling and laughing. Always grinning for just about anyone. You aren't the greatest sleeper and at times it can be frustrating. But every time I go into your room to help you fall back asleep or get you from your crib, you greet me with the biggest smile, and all my frustrations disappear. I always wanted a chubby baby, and I got one! You didn't start out that way but now you are the cutest chubby thing I have ever seen. And those cheeks! They are my favorite. Everyone says you look like your dad and I agree. I love that you have his long eye lashes and blue grey eyes. Secretly I wish you looked a little bit more like me. After all I did carry you for 9 months! Not only do you look like your dad but you are every bit as ticklish too. So basically you are perfect in just about every way. Our love for you seems out of control at times. We just can't contain it! We love the little person that you are and can't wait to see the big person that you become. We love you! Loves and kisses, Mom and Dad


Claire, Brian and I went to the Zoo this weekend, to celebrate our buddy Julians 2nd Birthday. I knew for the most part that Claire wouldn't really care much for the animals. She's just to young. However she took a particular interest in a chipmunk and she absolutely loved being out and about. Every time the weather allows, and we go outside, Claire gets a instant burst of excitement. She loves being outside. So needless to say we are beyond excited for summer to finally get here.

Monday, May 16, 2011


This last weekend, we packed up our car and headed to Las Vegas to celebrate our sister in laws graduation from UNLV Law School. It was so fun to go on a mini family vacation. We had so much fun. It helps that Brian's brother, who happens to work at the Wynn and Encore suites, was able to get us some great deals. Who doesn't love a good deal? Our room was adjoined with Brian's parents room. Well I guess I shouldn't call it a room. It was the presidential suite. Coming in at a whopping 2,100 sq ft! It was amazing. So needless to say we spent most of the time hanging out with them in their room. We also spent time at the pool, went to the Beatles LOVE show, attended Karlee's graduation, and had many yummy meals. If you are ever in Vegas, the Wynn and Encore are the place to stay. It was a dream. I would have been really depressed to leave but I get to go back next month. Lucky me. So I will be waiting anxiously for my return.