Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Our little one is finally here. The last couple weeks of my pregnancy, it seemed as though she couldn't come soon enough. Because my due date was Thanksgiving, all my family and Brian's family came out in hopes of meeting this little one. I tried everything under the moon to try and get labor going. I went on the treadmill multiple times, I took Caster oil TWICE! (bad bad idea),had my membranes stripped (another awful idea), ate spicy food, and did my thing on the Wii fit. Well even after doing ALL those silly things, nothing happened and everyone but my mom and sister had to head back home. Finally on December 3rd they went ahead and induced me. I went into the hospital at 11am and by 6 pm and a half hour of pushing, we had our little Claire. And let me tell you she is absolutely perfect. She is such a calm and happy baby. A week after she was born our friend Heather offered to come over and take some pictures of Claire as a gift to us. I was so excited. They turned out so cute. So here she is, our little Claire Bear. We feel so blessed.

Love, Lulu