Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Christmas came and went and we had lots of fun. So much fun that I spaced on taking photos. Oops. Our Christmas consisted of a ginger bread house contest, ice skating, movies, puzzles, lots of yummy food, and much needed family time. Claires favorite gifts were her many books, thanks to grandma and grandpa Phelps, her phone from Matt and Karlee, and her Elephant from Parker and Chase. She got too much to just pick one! Brian got some toys of his own. At his request he received a nerf gun, a video game, a remote control helicopter and a trip to Australia. I was a lucky girl and got a new rug and two chairs that I am in love with! Now my entry way is no longer empty, and that makes me a happy girl. Though Claire was spoiled with gifts she was most happy having family around. Claire just loves her grandmas, grandpa, aunts, uncles and Bentley (the family dog. She thinks he is the funniest creature ever). She gets so much love when they are around. Hopefully one day we can be close to family again. But for now holidays will have to do. Until next Christmas!

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