Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{ 13 Months }

Since I have been so horrible at taking pictures for the last few months, I figured I should make up for it. So I took WAY too many photos over the last couple weeks and some look very similar. So I'm sorry, it's too hard to just pick a couple. So here they are!

Here is a little tidbit about Claire at 13 months.
- She finally decided to start sleeping through the night. ( Thank the heavens! I thought the day would never come)
- She loves mickey mouse club house. She always tries to say "oh toodles".
- She loves jumping around in her crib. Its her way of showing her excitement after waking up.
- She started walking two weeks ago and now she can't stop.
- She loves to clap. Especially when we cheer her on with "yay!".
- According to her last doctor's appointment, she is in the 97th percentile for height! I have no clue where she gets the height from.
- She thinks it is very funny when mom and dad kiss.
- We let her help open and shut the garage door which makes her very happy.
- She still only has two teeth!!!?
- She is a busy body who doesn't like to stay still. It is next to impossible to get her to snuggle for more than 2 seconds. This makes mom a little sad.
- She loves playing with other kids. Other kids make her laugh very easily.
- She loves music! Anytime music comes on the TV, she will stop whatever she is doing and just watch it. She even makes attempts to sing.
- She has dad's long and straight eyelashes. I'm jealous.
- She loves chewing on mom's necklaces.
- And lastly, she is a totally daddy's girl. Who's mom??

So thats our little Claire! We love every bit of her. The cute and the sassy.

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  1. This is totally blog stalking.. but can I ask where you got your beautiful chair with the nailhead trim? I totally want to get one for a future nursery :)